Cucina locale, nazionale e Local, national and roma

Trattoria da Ciospo

Our first courses are considered to be better than main ones ! ... Who knows ?

In fact we are especially keen on "pasta". Just try the "casoncelli alla zucca" or "al bagoss" (pumpkin or cheese ravioli), pasta e fagioli, risotto ai porcini (porcino is the king of mushrooms!), bucatini all'amatriciana (tomato, bacon and pecorino cheese), and rigatoni alla carbonara as well. Do not miss our "tagliolini al sugo fresco", at summertime, made with fresh sun-ripened tomato cuts, parmisan and basil. Last but non least "spaghettini n°3" however you'll prefer, but always perfectly "al first dente", needless to say this is the first secret of our chef !.

Now let's talk about the main courses! "Coniglio alla bresciana", "polpettone della zia Eugenia", "chile beef", "steak tagliata", the roast pork cooked in a milky sauce and our special oxtail "spezzatino alla romana".

Excptionally located between Franciacorta and Garda lake we are proud of our local wines, beside, of course, a great choice of bottles from different italian regions.
We start with classic italian "Antipasti" (mortadella, salame, olives sicilian style) and finally end with almond "sbrisolona" to deep into marsala wine and our fabulous home made "tiramisù", not to be confused with thousands of similar ones!